Congratulations on the most exciting time of your lives!


Choosing the right celebrant is a decision that you want to remember for all the right reasons and I would be delighted to help you create a ceremony which is right for you - a warm deeply personal ceremony that generates beautiful memories for you and your guests.

As an experienced marriage celebrant, my promise is to create a ceremony that captures your commitment to each other and that is memorable to you both.

Professionally, I am also a qualified social worker. I have a wealth of experience of assisting people along their life's journey and this involves empathetic listening.

As your choice of Celebrant you can be assured that I will listen and interpret what you want to create the ceremony that you want.

Certified marriage celebrant, JP ( Qualified)
Churchill Fellow 2012
Qualified Social Worker


For many years, I’ve wanted to honour the love and commitment of same-sex couples by officiating at a legal ceremony.
At last, marriage equality has arrived in Australia; affirming that love conquers all!
— Sherryl Searles